State Accommodations Taxes Collected in Beaufort County

 Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the 2% state accommodations taxes collected in Beaufort County to weave your way into how tourism in the Lowcountry is funded.

Q:  How is the 2% state accommodations tax generated?
A:  It is generated through the tax on overnight lodging throughout the state.
Q:  Where does this money go?
A:  The state retains a percentage to cover administrative fees, 11 regional tourism groups and underprivileged counties.  Beaufort County and the municipalities in the county are given 25,000 for their general funds.  After that is deducted, each local government municipality is given 5% to go to the corresponding general fund.
Q:   How is this money to be utilized?
A:    Thirty percent is "used for advertising and promotion".  Additionally, all counties and municipalities select, as required by state law, an organization (example:  Visitor Bureaus or Chambers of Commerce) to be the designated marketing organization (DMO).  The DMO is responsible for managing and controlling the monies received from the 2% state accommodations designated for tourism promotion and advertising. 
Q:  How is the remaining money accounted for?
A.  It goes to a designated fund to be used for "tourism related expenditures".
Q.  What are some examples of "tourism related expenditures"?
A.  Some examples include the promotion of arts related events, the completion of new facilities for local and community events, services needed to meet the needs of visitors (garbage collection, fire and police efforts).  It can also be directed to address erosion issues.  An accommodations tax committee is assembled by local governments to give their input on how the monies generated by the tax should be used. 
Source: Beaufort County Finance Department

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