Estimated Total Impact of Tourism in Beaufort County, SC, 2017

 This study of the economic and fiscal impact of tourism in the year of 2017 was performed by Regional Transactions Concepts, LLC, in association with Dr. John Salazar of the Lowcountry and Resort Islands Tourism Institute (LRITI) at the University of South Carolina Beaufort. These impacts result from spending by tourists during their visit to the island. 
In late March/early April of 2018, it was discovered that one submitting property for the Hilton Head Island villa data set was including comps/owner stays in their submissions. This property represented approximately 30% of the total inventory participating at that time.
We also had a new property come on board in March of 2018 that initalliy was only submitting data that had an arrival date during the current reporting month.
As a result of the errant data, Inntopia conducted a restatement of the villa reports going back to 10/31/17/ This process included restating individual property data back to 10/31/16 to ensure an accurate year over year comparison.
-Stacy Mullen - Business Intelligence Producation & Publication Coordinator, Inntopia (3/8/2019).

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