2013-2014 Visitor Profile Study for household incomes 150,000 and over

 Takeaways for the $150K+ Visitors

• Businesses need to plan for seasonal variations 4-6 months in advance

• For businesses with small marketing and advertising budgets focus on HHI co-op market strategies that penetrate the top geographic markets: Atlanta,    Cleveland, Augusta, Columbus, and Cincinnati

• The drive markets of Atlanta, Augusta, Charlotte, and Columbia can be targeted to increase visitors during the off and shoulder seasons

• HHI continues to be a family destination for beach, dining, shopping, biking, golf, and touring activities

• HHI’s future appeal for existing visitors is reliant on relaxation and rejuvenation, beach/island, passive outdoor adventures, and historical locations

• Immediate family is the most influential source when choosing a destination to visit 

• We’re competing with Myrtle Beach, Outer Banks,Charleston, and Kiawah

• They watch NBC, visit weather.com, read local newspapers and Southern Living, and listen to Rock music

• Be aware of the demographic differences and potential travel and recreation demand changes on the horizon

Source:  University of South Carolina Beaufort Lowcountry Resort Islands Tourism Institute

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