Arts and Culture in Old Town Bluffton and beyond

Bluffton’s vibrant arts community is not to be missed. To explore Bluffton’s eclectic art galleries, you can take a tour of galleries throughout the Bluffton area by car or walk the charming art district of Old Town Bluffton—either way you will be inspired by the creations you find.  The galleries in the Old Town, often in old Bluffton cottages, are as much about the artists as they are about the art. Potters, photographers, folk artists, iron workers, sculptors and painters display and share their wares along the streets and within a variety of gallery settings. 

Many of the local artists have grown up in the Lowcountry and their art is inspired by rich stories-- making your art purchase something to be taken home, enjoyed and remembered. Art gallery walks and art themed events take place throughout the year in Old Town Bluffton. Two outstanding arts & cultural events not to be missed include The Bluffton Village Festival every May and the annual Historic Bluffton Arts and Seafood Festival held in late October.


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